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Code of Conduct

Our mission is to bring love, light, and laughter to the Queer, Kink, and ENM communities.  As such, safety and security is paramount to our practices here at Narnia.  We believe in active and enthusiastic consent for all activities and parties involved, and we encourage all attendees to practice proactive communication.  We empower all members to set and hold their boundaries, live their truth, and fulfill their desires.  In order to keep Narnia a fun and safe space, we have implemented the following Code of Conduct that you will be asked to agree and adhere to when in our space.

  1. This is a queer space.  Cis/het allies are welcome, but hate speech and intolerance of any kind will not be allowed.

  2. Never assume.  Never assume pronouns, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  If you’re not sure, just ask! 

  3. This is a sex and body positive space.  Genuine curiosity is welcome, but kink or body shaming of any kind will not be tolerated, and will result in immediate removal from the space.

  4. ​You are responsible for your belongings while you’re here, though we do keep a lost and found.  If you lost something here, you can contact us after the event.

  5. Enthusiastic consent is required for all physical touch, kissing, or otherwise engaging with another member at Narnia.  Always ask consent before initiating physical contact.

  6. ​Verbal consent is required for voyeurism of closer than six feet. 

  7. ​It is your responsibility to set and hold your boundaries.  Don’t be afraid to say “NO”!  If, at any point, someone is making you uncomfortable, our light-up consent monitors are available to help or intervene.

  8. ​If you are told “no,” respect it - the first time.  Repeatedly asking when you have already been told no will result in you being removed from the space.

  9. ​It is your responsibility to initiate STI conversations, where appropriate.  You are responsible for your sexual health!

  10. We’re all here to enjoy ourselves (and each other).  Respect other members, hold your truth, and have fun!

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